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Just for Android?

Unfortunately this challenge (OpenXC platform) is only supporting Android devices. Any chance that the platform will be expanded to support iOS, Windows Phone/Windows 8 in the near future? And If so, will there be another challenge on those platforms?


  •   •   over 10 years ago

    Why no iPhone/iPad? :(

  •   •   over 10 years ago

    Hi Dele and David,

    Thanks for writing and for your interest in the Personalized Fuel-Efficiency App Challenge. Expansion to additional platforms may be available in the future, but they are not currently compatible with the OpenXC platform libraries. There are no plans to to run another challenge at the moment, which is not to say that it won't happen in the future.

    For the purposes of this challenge submitters must enter one of the following software applications:

    a. A working software application for Android that accesses data directly from a vehicle using the OpenXC platform libraries provided at http://openxcplatform.com; or

    b. A working software application for the web that can run on a desktop or mobile web browser, uses data provided by the OpenXC platform, and accepts streamed OpenXC-formatted vehicle data over a network connection such as TCP or HTTP or uses re-played trace data from a previously recorded drive (examples of which can be found at: http://openxcplatform.com/android/testing.html#traces.

    Thanks again for your interest. We do hope you'll enter the challenge.


  •   •   over 10 years ago

    Option B certainly allows for iOS apps - you just have to use the vehicle data stream via the cloud, instead of directly from the car (via Bluetooth or USB like you can do with Android).

  •   •   over 10 years ago

    Does an endpoint(s) exist for the "...streamed OpenXC-formatted vehicle data over a network connection such as TCP or HTTP" mentioned under option B?

    I've seen the example traces data, can we submit a web-based app that only uses the static example data?

    Or do we need to integrate with an actual end point for a data stream and consider oauth and other misc. details?


  •   •   over 10 years ago

    Hi Scott,

    It's fine to submit a web app that has an endpoint to accept vehicle data, but doesn't deal with the actual transport of the data from the car to the web. For testing you can point a trace file at your API to simulate a stream coming from a real car.

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