WINNER: Best Overall App - Second Prize

Eco-Dash introduces a custom dashboard with a new and unique way of looking at fuel efficiency. Most fuel efficiency calculators teach drivers how to get a short-term gain in MPG. They display a spike in MPG when you let off the gas pedal or coast down a hill. Eco-Dash encourages drivers to take a short-term loss in fuel efficiency to gain greater average MPG. Our vehicle image at the top of the home (dashboard) screen teaches the user how to obtain maximum MPG over the course of the trip.

Fuel is expensive. Our “Reports” screen allows the driver to know the exact cost of each trip relative to the distance traveled. A reminder of this is given to the driver on the dashboard. As the user drives, they will see the cost of the trip increasing. When fuel efficiency is in mind, that total cost for the overall trip is lower. This is ideal for users who commute to work using the same roads every day.

Graphs and charts too boring to read? Take a look at the "Map" screen. Once a trip is completed, a user may quickly pan/zoom around on Google's MapView for incidences of "Poor Driving Events". These events occur whenever the driver exceeds certain limitations such as speed or RPM. These markers are pinpointed on the map to help the user look for trends in effort to change driving behavior.

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