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over 10 years ago

Note from Ford executive K. Venkatesh Prasad

Hello, hackers!

First off, thank you for participating in the Ford Personalized Fuel-Efficiency App Challenge. We believe this is an incredible opportunity for you to empower drivers to drive smarter.

At Ford, I oversee Open Innovation and we are laser focused on enhancing the customer, or consumer, experience. To this end, we research and architect software and hardware technologies, then evaluate them for integration into Ford’s vehicles worldwide. I’ve been nicknamed as Ford’s “What’s Next” guy, and I believe that fuel-efficiency apps are definitely the next thing on deck.

That’s where you come in. By building an app using the OpenXC platform, you have a unique opportunity to help drivers understand and optimize their personal fuel-economy performance. (And compete for some great prizes while you’re at it!) The possibilities for creating vehicle-aware apps with this rich data are endless. We have lowered the barriers to innovation by providing an open-source platform and the best part is, you don’t even need to own a car; you can start building by accessing sample vehicle data and create apps on any device with an Android programming environment. Remember, you can also create compatible prototype accessories!

So tell me — what can I expect next? What can you build that will become driving’s next big thing?

Good luck hacking over the next couple of months, I look forward to seeing your innovative apps, and working together.

K. Venkatesh Prasad
Ford’s “What’s Next” Guy


If you have questions about the OpenXC Platform or specific applications you’re developing, visit the OpenXC Google Group. If you have questions about the Ford Personalized Fuel-Efficiency Challenge, post in the Discussion Forum or shoot us an email at